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Review: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Brooks is a popular running shoe company and has become part of my staple running shoe collection! I currently am using the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21.

It’s important to be aware of your foot type (super-pronator, neutral or over-pronator) because you want to buy the shoe that will provide you with the best type of support for your foot and reduce the chance of getting injured. If you are unsure of your foot type, my advice would be to go into a running store and get a foot gait done.

My foot over-pronates, which means that when I walk and run, my ankle leans inwards. This means that I need a stability shoe that gives me extra support to reduce the amount that my foot leans in. The Brooks Adrenaline range has been designed specifically for this. It is a stability shoe, which works perfectly for me.

Another reason that I like the Brooks Adrenaline GTS is because it has a lot of cushioning which is great for long runs. Brooks has included DNA LOFT cushioning throughout the midsole which gives for a smooth transition from heel to toe and goes all the way through to the front of the shoe. This means that regardless of where you land when you strike the ground, it should be cushioned and you will be getting the benefit of the DNA loft cushioning.

Brooks have also made the upper part of the shoe in more of a mesh material, which increased breathability, which is great for those long runs. They have also included a 3D fit print on the side of the shoe which helps with the structure of the shoe.

So what else makes this an excellent running shoe? This is a support shoe so it is suited for someone that over pronates, although people with a neutral land can also wear it. The way that Brooks achieves the additional support is through the inclusion of GuideRails. This is additional foam in the shoe that help to keep your foot in the optimal running position to prevent injury. The way to think about them is line the gutter guards that you put up when you go bowling to stop the bowling ball going into the gutter. You only need them to help correct your running form back into a neutral central position. This will hopefully help you to reduce the chance of getting knee issues or other injuries from running with bad form.

When choosing a running shoe, you should consider what it’s purpose it. Will you use it for long runs, speed work, short runs etc. For me, the biggest draw bag of the Adrenaline GTS running shoes is that they are a little heavy compared to some other brands available. This of course is due to all the additional technology and cushioning in the shoe, which makes these great for longer runs (>10km), but not so good for speed work or if you are looking to run a fast 5/10km. But that’s a great reason to buy a different pair of running shoes, because you can never have too many pairs!!

I have been running on these for a few months now and I really do enjoy the feel that they give when I run. They are comfortable and soft whilst providing me with all the support that I need. The great thing about Brooks running shoes is that they offer different width sizes which ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your foot. I’m looking forward to running the miles in these go to shoes!

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