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Crossing the Finish Line


The Full Story

Hello, and welcome to your Triathlon Survival Guide.

My name is Jag, and I am obsessed with triathlons!! I fell in love with the training, the races and the achievement. I fell in love with achieving things never thought I could do and pushing my body further than I thought that I could.

When I first started doing triathlons, I did not suspect it would become a part of my identity and something that I would bore my family and friends with through my non-stop talking about each race, or every training session. 

Over the years, I have picked up a few tips and tricks to make the triathlon process easier

I suspect that if you have stumbled onto this page, you either are obsessed with triathlons, or you are thinking of starting on your triathlon journey.

I would love to share my experiences with you. Whether you are new to the game and are looking for tips and first hand experiences, or you are a seasoned triathlete just looking to read about someone else's experiences or looking for tips yourself to improve your own performance - we never stop learning in the triathlon world!

I also have a section that focuses on Asians in triathlon. Something that I have noticed during my time in triathlon is the lack of Asian people. It is something that I would like to focus on and bring attention to why this is and how to bring awareness to Asian people about triathlons. Just like it is important to give women in sports support and awareness, I think ethnic minorities also need this and I hope to be able to do this through this website. Proximity and publicity can drive awareness and make triathlon more accessible to Asian people.

Triathlons and Triathlon Survival Guide is truly my own little passion project, gaining more and more traction each day. I hope you enjoy browsing my site and all of the unique content I have to offer. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what fuels you as well. Read on and enjoy!

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